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WaterProof MeshTec 3D Undersuit Bottoms by WaterProof from Simply Scuba

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WaterProof MeshTec 3D Undersuit Bottoms
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The Waterproof MeshTec 3D Undersuit Bottoms is a dual layer undersuit similar to the one built into the D1 Hybrid drysuit with two separate layers to keep a constant layer of insulating air all over your body. Trapping that layer of air all over your body eliminates cold spots and trapped areas for a more comfortable dive. 3D Mesh Nylon springs built into the centre of the fabric separates the two layers so you have a constant layer of air all over your body, increasing insulation and allowing gas to move freely in your suit. Exceptional Pressure Resistance provides even distribution around the suit that virtually eliminates squeeze and cold spots and provides constant insulation at all depths. Features Constant Distance Insulation - The nylon springs in the 3D mesh fabric keep the inner and outer layer apart under pressure, creating an insulating constant volume. Drawstring Waist - Holds up and overlaps the top for coverage. Foot Loops - prevent legs riding up. Specifications Weight : 0.62kg (3XL/t+) Thickness : 3mm (approx) Interactive Size Chart

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WaterProof MeshTec 3D Undersuit Bottoms