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Untitled (Fishing) 1981 by Jean-Michel Basquiat by Jean-Michel Basquiat from art republic

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Untitled (Fishing) 1981 by Jean-Michel Basquiat
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Untitled (Fishing) 1981 is a high quality art print of an original work by graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Untitled (Fishing) 1981 is one of Jean-Michel Basquiat's early works and has elements of his work street work. The main figure in the works is back with white skeleton like markings and a crown possibly of thorns. He holds up a black and blue fish attached to a line. By contrast the background id full of colour with pinks blues and yellows. 1981 was the year he made his transition from painting on the walls of buildings in the rougher parts to New York to being installed in a studio and fated by critiques and collectors alike.

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Untitled (Fishing) 1981 by Jean-Michel Basquiat