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Momentum Torpedo Blast Sapphire NATO Watch from Momentum at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Momentum Torpedo Blast Sapphire NATO Watch

The Momentum Torpedo Blast Sapphire NATO Watch is a large faced scuba divers watch with a clear and easy to read face with tough Sapphire Glass and a NATO style wrist band. The offset Oversized Crown has a true diver feel to it and keeps the watch waterproof to 200m when screwed down. Sapphire Crystal Glass is an ultra-hard material and far more scratch resistant compared to normal mineral glass. Virtually impossible to scratch Sapphire Crystal will protect your watch from the little nicks and scratches they can get from day to day life. The NATO Style Strap is inspired by the essential military kit from the cold war era fitted to military field watches. 22mm Nylon webbing has a traditional watch buckle fitting that has a little give and flexibility to keep it comfortable all the time. Face diameter 33mm Face + Bezel diameter 43mm

Momentum Torpedo Black-Ion NATO Watch from Momentum at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Momentum Torpedo Black-Ion NATO Watch

The Momentum Torpedo Black-Ion NATO Watch is a simple black ion plated divers wrist watch with a NATO style webbing strap. All the metal parts have a matt black finish and the 22mm nylon strap is inspired by the NATO standard strap for security and comfort. Oversize offset screw-down crown 200 Meter Tested 3-5 Year Battery Life Face diameter 32mm Face + Bezel diameter 43mm

XS Scuba Cylinder Holder from XS Scuba at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

XS Scuba Cylinder Holder

The XS Scuba Cylinder Holder is an elasticated storage option for your cylinder. Hold your cylinder in position upright against a wall or stop them from rolling around on the floor or the boot of your truck by locking them in with this. Screwed into a wall, floor or just a strong piece of wood once strapped in your cylinder will be held in place and won't fall over or roll around. Perfect for 12l or 15l cylinders.

XS Scuba High Pressure Quick Disconnect from XS Scuba at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

XS Scuba High Pressure Quick Disconnect

The XS Scuba High Pressure Quick Disconnect is a bayonet fitting so you can quickly and safely remove your high pressure equipment from your regs for storage or maintenance. Transmitters and air integrated dive computers are best removed from regulators to prevent damage whenever possible. Fitted to either end of the high pressure hose this little fitting will save time and risk of damaging your regs when you need to change the battery in your computer or swap SPGs.

XDEEP Cam Band Plastic from XDEEP at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

XDEEP Cam Band Plastic

The XDEEP Cam Band Plastic is a traditional 2" nylon webbing cylinder strap with a light weight plastic buckle.

Scubapro Rebel Integrated Weight Pockets from Scubapro at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Scubapro Rebel Integrated Weight Pockets

The Scubapro Rebel Integrated Weight Pockets are a pair of integrated weight pockets for your kids Rebel BCD so they don't need a weight belt. Integrated weight pockets work in the same way as your weights on your BCD, just grab the handles and pull so they can get used to how modern weight systems work for when they grow into an adult BCD.

Scubapro G2 Console Computer from Scubapro at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Scubapro G2 Console Computer

The Scubapro G2 Console Computer is an air integrated colour screen dive computer so you can see how much air you have, how deep you are and how long you can stay there all on one screen. The colour screen is colour coded so your eye will be drawn to certain information if you get too close to a limit. Features Cell phone-style screen. Very familiar and easy to read at depth. Intuitive menu structure. Simple 3-button control system and diver-friendly functions make the G2 Console extremely easy to use. Full-color TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) 2.2in/5.6cm dot matrix display LCD screen (320x240p). Vibrant colors offer maximum readability to direct your attention to what you need to know. TFT screens use less energy. They are more efficient than other screen types to help extend battery life. See as much or as little as you like. Choice of screen display configurations. Customize your data presentation with Light, Classic, Full or Graphical screen options to suit your individual style. Customize menu listings. Utilize as much or as little G2C technology as you need - your choice. Multiple language choices. Select from more than 19 languages. Convenient quick-disconnect fitting. Allows you to detach the computer from your regulator system for easy data downloading, travel and storage. Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL-16 ADT MB algorithm.Advanced Uwatec algorithm programs up to 8 nitrox/trimix mixes to handle any recreational or technical diving scenario. Algorithm calculates true remaining bottom time (RBT). It also offers a series of Microbubble levels and incorporates Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops. Integrated heart rate monitor. Measures heartbeat and skin temperature and incorporates both into the workload calculations. The HRM also lets you visually track your heart rate "real time" to ensure you stay in your individual target zone to maximize your fun and safety at depth. (Maximum Operating Depth: 197ft/60m). Integration with the HRM Is exclusive to SCUBAPRO. Improved, full tilt digital compass. The best available. Includes half-compass rose and bearing memory. Rechargeable battery. Provides up to 50 hours of dive time per charge. Huge 485MB memory. Stores pictures, tables, tissue loading status, and 1,000 hours of dive profiles. USB cable or Bluetooth Low Energy interface.Easily download dive data wirelessly to your phone or handheld device. Download dive data to a PC/Mac using LogTRAK software. Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic casing. Ultra-durable & UV resistant. Rugged TR 55 transparent thermoplastic lens.Protects the full color dot matrix TFT display. Features a backlight to enhance low-light readability. Ultra-durable casing boot. Protects against bumps and includes hose protection to safeguard the quick-disconnect fitting. Sleek, Swiss design. The best elements of the Galileo in an upscale design. Stainless steel control buttons (3). Accessible, intuitive, easy to use, even when wearing gloves. Scuba, Gauge and Trimix modes: The Trimix mode is disabled from the factory. Activation is easy - no downloading or upgrading is required. Maximum operating depth. 394ft/120m for reliable data computing regardless of diving situation.

Scubapro SK21 Knife from Scubapro at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Scubapro SK21 Knife

The Scubapro SK21 Knife is a steel alloy knife with a soft touch inlay handle with a precision straight cutting edge, a serrated edge for thicker lines and a line hook for fishing line. The SoftTouch inlay gives you a secure grip even when wet and wearing gloves so it won't slip in your hands. View product manual

Mares All In One dSMB from Mares at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

Mares All In One dSMB

The Mares All In One dSMB is the perfect starter SMB for the travelling diver. Both the buoy and finger spool roll up and pack away into a small pouch that you can keep in a pocket or clipped onto a D-Ring. dSMBs are not only great for getting you seen in the water but they are required by many dive boats for every diver. Underwater attach the end of the line to the dSMB and inflate it either orally or with a standard BCD inflator. Reel it back in as you ascend and your boat will be waiting while other boats stay away. 180 cm height 5 cm/2" solas reflective tape Extremely lightweight "Diver Below" reflective writing Integrated mesh pocket for spool 20 m/66 ft spool included Stainless steel D-ring Double ender stainless steel boltsnap Oral inflate connector for LP BCD hose Over pressure release valve Velcro closure system

WaterProof R30 Mens LS Rash Vest from WaterProof at Simply Scuba
Delivered from UK

WaterProof R30 Mens LS Rash Vest

The Waterproof R30 Mens Long Sleeved Rash Vest is a protective shirt that is quick drying, flexible, durable & lightweight. The R30 is made to protect you from sunburn, rubbing and chafing as well as marine bumps, scrapes and stings. Who's the R30 For? A Long sleeve rash guard can be worn alone in warm waters to protect you from the sun while snorkelling or under a wetsuit to protect from rubbing. Long sleeve means you are more protected from the sun and physical scrapes compared to a Short Sleeve Shirt. Features 50+ UV Protection Bonded High-Quality Nylon Thread Flatlock Stitching Lightweight and Quick Drying Naturally Antibacterial and Water Wicking Specifications Fabric Lycra/Spandex *Please note this product isn't 'waterproof', the brand name is Waterproof, you will get wet wearing this alone in the water Interactive Size Chart

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