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Seac Sub R6 Torch by Seac Sub from Simply Scuba

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Seac Sub R6 Torch
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Price at Simply Scuba: £99.00 (Please click through to Simply Scuba. They might be having a sale!)

The Seac R6 Torch is a powerful backup dive light with a tough aluminium body and simple operating switch. Aluminium Body is light, strong and corrosion resistant so you can leave it in your pocket and forget about it as it can easily keep up with you. The push button switch can be locked for packing. CREE XRE T6 LED produces 620 lumens of clean white light, 6500-7000ok, from the 10 watt LED. Paired with four AA batteries the torch will produce light for 2 hours at max. Specifications 20deg Spot 60deg Wide As far as high-beam lights go, the R6 stands out for its compactness and versatility. Typeof batteries: 4 - AA alkaline batteries (not included) - Battery life: 32 hours, of which 2 at themaximum power - Maximum depth: 330 feet (100 meters) - Diameter/length: 1.75in/6.5in(45 mm/165 mm) - Weight: 1lb (447 g) - Switch: electromagnetic system - Seal: doubleO-ring for radial seal + L-Ring - Glass: tempered optical - Lumen: 620 LM

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Seac Sub R6 Torch