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Fourth Element Mens Thermocline Zipped Long Sleeve Top by Fourth Element from Simply Scuba

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Fourth Element Mens Thermocline Zipped Long Sleeve Top
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Price at Simply Scuba: £87.00 (Please click through to Simply Scuba. They might be having a sale!)

The Mens Thermocline Zipped Long Sleeved Top is a new addition to the Thermocline range. Trilaminate Material with water resistant outer shell, Semi-permeable mid-layer and a warming plush inner-layer. Ideal for all watersports including SCUBA diving, snorkelling, kayaking or anything in and around the water. Equivilent To 2.5mm of neoprene but a fraction of the weight. Fast drying, wind resistant and comfortable makes the Thermocline ideal for use under a wetsuit, drysuit or even alone in the water. Neutrally Buoyant so you don't have to add or subtract any weight and it will not affect your trim. Hypoallergenic fabric is soft and kind to the skin. Features Water resistant Quick drying Neutrally buoyant Warm Wind resistant Reduced wind chill Breathable Lined with wicking fleece Lightweight and ideal for travel Machine washable

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Fourth Element Mens Thermocline Zipped Long Sleeve Top