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Fourth Element J2 Base Layer Leggings by Fourth Element from Simply Scuba

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Fourth Element J2 Base Layer Leggings
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The Fourth Element J2 Baselayer is designed to keep the skin dry which can be critical to a comfortable dive, whether it is staying warm, preventing infections or just bad smells. Designed to Wick Perspiration away from the skin and maintain a dry zone next to the skin to keep you comfortable during long dives sealed in a drysuit. Air is a better insulator than water and consequently, the baselayer ensures better thermal protection by keeping a layer of air against the body. The wicking action is a mechanical process that will last for the entire lifetime of the fabric. Tried and Tested Anti-Microbial Silver Ions embedded within the fibres of the fabric that kill infective and smell producing microbes. This enables long, repetitive wear without the risk of skin infections developing - something which was critical on the J2 expedition. Silver ions are incorporated into the fibres when they are manufactured, ensuring that the bacteriostatic and anti-fungal properties of the fabric last. Because the silver ions are embedded in the fabric they cannot be washed off. The silver ions prevent the formation of bacterial cell membranes, preventing most bacteria from growing in the fibres of the garment, however this will not adversely affect the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin itself. Features Moisture Wicking Anti-Microbial Specifications Weight : 180g

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Fourth Element J2 Base Layer Leggings