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Travalo Perfume Pod Spray - Hot Pink from Feel Unique

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Travalo Perfume Pod Spray - Hot Pink
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An award-winning, innovative, lead-proof refill system. Perfumepod benefits from the patented Genie-S refill system. The Genie-S technology preserves all of the potency of your perfume and is guaranteed leak proof. It self-regulates to suit the environment, so changes in altitude don't affect the quality of your perfume. perfumepod offers consumers a safe and reliable refillable solution for everyday use. Affordable and durable, perfumepod is made with durable and scratch resistant material, its bottle is crystal clear, so you can see the perfume decant when filling. No surprises, you always know what's left inside! Last but not least, perfumepod is shatter-proof, made without any glass, and thus can be dropped without any risk of spillage or leaks. It's so safe it's even approved for air travel! Travalo Perfume Pod is a 5ml spray available in a variety of bold, fashionable coloured caps to delight. *Please note Travalo are currently in the process of updating their packaging. Packaging of this product is subject to variation from the visual shown.

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Travalo Perfume Pod Spray - Hot Pink