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COLLISTAR Tecnico Eye-Liner 2.5g from Feel Unique

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COLLISTAR Tecnico Eye-Liner 2.5g
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Collistar Tecnico Eye-Liner 2.5g. As a result of the most advanced technology this eye-liner guarantees extremely accurate and long-lasting make-up. Exceptionally easy to apply it is ideal for beginners. Collistar's Tecnico Eye-Liner has a special latex applicator which makes it simpler to define the eyes quickly and also to adjust the intensity and fineness of the line as required... In order to achieve the most professional-looking result. The moisturising and protective formula of the eye-liner ensures maximum protection for the delicate skin on the upper eyelids. Available also in a waterproof version. Simply stunning.

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COLLISTAR Tecnico Eye-Liner 2.5g