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Archipelago Botanicals Candle in a Tin - Luna by Archipelago Botanicals from Mankind

Shipping Information: Mankind will ship to USA.

Archipelago Botanicals Candle in a Tin - Luna
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Price at Mankind: £8.50 (Please click through to Mankind. They might be having a sale!)

The Archipelago Botanicals Excursions Tin Luna Candle is an uplifting fragrance that will infuse your home with Lemon Verbena, Lavender and Thyme. Hand-crafted from highest quality soy wax, the candles are fragranced with a unique blend of essential oils, aged in small batches. The single wick luxury candle is presented in a silver, lidded travel tin. Burn time: Up to 55 hours

Mankind: Worldwide Shipping Information
We deliver to addresses both inside the UK and outside the UK. With the exception of Russia and Brazil.

Please note that due to the strict security regulations of dangerous and restricted items some items such as aerosols, fragrances and liquids with a high alcohol content may be restricted and cancelled.

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Archipelago Botanicals Candle in a Tin - Luna